Warmer Weather May Be Even Better With This!

Awesome summer heat can be very oppressive and force some people to stay inside. There is amuchcoolerenvironment in pool water, which can offer asaferheaven for anyone that likes toenjoythebrightsunshine. Thisinflatable pool hammockprovides another option for serious pool lovers anddoes not require swimming. Lets youfloatonthewaterwell, like sleeping in a hammock,softandcomfortable. Even if you are not good at swimming, you can also enjoy water play.

Being an inflatable swimming poolaccessory, its transport and storage are veryeasy. For example, when thesummerseasonends it can be easily stored at home or in the garage during the autumn and winter months without taking up almost space. This productisperfectfor summer to enjoy in thepoolandlake.


  • Sturdy, non-fading, durable and lightweight.

  • Ergonomically designed with the backrest and legs resting and lying comfortably.

  • Perfect sealing performance and leak-proof faucet ensure no leakage, easy to inflate or deflate.

  • Can be folded into a small size for easy storage.

  • Suitable for swimming pools and beaches.


    • Material: PVC
    • Inflated size: 1200*800mm/1200*700mm

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Inflatable Hammock
    • 1 x Inflator Pump

    Blue, Orange, PINK, Red, Sky Blue, Yellow


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