Create the Perfect Brows Effortlessly In Seconds!

We know you want your eyebrows on fleek, and you hate the time and the effort that you exert in order to achieve it and so we introduce you to the Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp!

The Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp is created to give you the nicest brows in just a matter of seconds. The stamp is made adjustable to be able to change the arch shape to suit your preference, and powders are available in different ombre shades to match your skin and hair color for more natural and flawless brows.


  • On Fleek in Seconds:  No need to waste time in measuring if your eyebrows are on the same shape and size as the stamp does the job for you.
  • Ombre Color Combination: Each set of eyebrow powder has an ombre color combination for more blended and natural-looking brows.
  • Adjustable: It is perfect for all brow shapes and types as you can adjust the arch depending on your shape.
  • Easy to Apply: Just put on eyebrow powder on the stamp and stamp it to your eyebrows.
  • Waterproof: No need to worry about whether we have your back fleek in’ good.
  • Safe on Skin: The formulation is safe on the skin as it is alcohol-free and latex-free.


  • Eyebrow Stamp Size: 8.5 x 2.5cm;
  • Eyebrow Powder Box Size: 6.0 x 4.2cm


  • 1 x Fleekin™ Instant Eyebrow Stamp
  • 1 x Eyebrow Powder Box(with a brush)


Brown Gray, Coffee, Gray/Black, Red Brown, Taupe


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