Give every tiny garment a proper home in your drawers!

You canquickly find everything you needwith this organizer. We’ve got you3 sizesof boxes whichare perfect forstoringsocks, underpants, bras, scarves, ties, baby items, etc.It isdeep enoughfor alarge carrying capacity. You can add ortake awaythese organizers to yourdrawers as you like!

It is made oflong-lasting mesh fabricwhich isdurable, mold-free, and bacteria-freeto ensure the hygiene of storage. It islightweight, foldable & washablethat can maintain its own shape forrepeatinguse.


  • Space-saving
    This organizer is designed to make iteasier to find anything in need. 3 sizes of boxes are perfect fororganizing socks, underwear, bra, scarves, ties, baby items, and more.It isdeepenough for alarge carrying capacity.

  • Customize Your Drawer!
    All thetiniest undergarmentswill have their proper place. These small drawerorganizers have cells foreasy organization. You canadd ortake away themas you want!

  • Sturdy Quality Fabric
    Made of long-lasting mesh fabric which isdurable, mold-free, and bacteria-freeto ensure the hygiene of storage. It is very sturdy thatcan keepits shape for years of use.

  • Foldable
    You canfold them upwhen not in use. They arelightweightfor easy carrying.

  • Washable
    Theorganizeriswashable & quick-dry.They can be washed andwill not easily deform.


  • Size as below:

  • Material: Mesh + PP
  • Color: Gray/Black/Beige
  • Type: 6 Cells/7 Cells/11 Cells/1 Set-3 Pcs


  • 1 x Closet Underwear Organizer


11 Cell Organizer (Socks), 6 Cell Organizer (Bras), 7 Cell Organizer (Underwear), Full 3-Piece Set


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